The Dingo

The Dingo, 7.2 x 2.4m Tiny Home

A Mighty Tiny Home for Living Large - Sustainably

This tiny home hardly qualifies for the name. It’s spacious and light filled and can be fit out with pretty much everything you have in your home right now (but perhaps a smidge smaller). With options for a full kitchen, shower, long countertops, two or more sleeping areas, beautiful bifold windows, staircases and plenty of storage area, it’s perfect for your family – even if you’ve got big kids already.

There’s no reason that a tiny home can’t be mighty and give you everything you need and more. And this home is proof of that. Perfect for when you’ve bought a block and don’t want the hassle (and red tape) that comes with a full build. Or when you just need (or want) a bit more space.


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