Your Home, Your Way, Sustainably.

There’s never been a better time to make the move and get ‘off the grid’ with one of our self-contained, transportable tiny homes located on the Sunshine Coast. Style, comfort and independence can all be yours simply by choosing the tiny home lifestyle suited to you. Discover why so many Australians are making the switch from a traditional home to an amazing tiny house.


Your Home, Your Way, Sustainably.

There’s never been a better time to make the move and get ‘off the grid’ with one of our self-contained, transportable tiny homes. Style, comfort and independence are yours.

Join the Tiny Homes Australia Movement

Tiny houses make a great alternative housing solution and we are passionate about showing everyone just how amazing they can be.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to provide a tiny house that will suit anyone and everyone. From the Terrier, the perfect option for wanderers and travellers, all the way to the Dingo, the mighty tiny house that is sustainably equipped to help enhance your day to day living.

Tiny houses are our passion and we can’t wait to chat about your new tiny house and see you join the tiny house movement.

Live Your New Normal With
Off the Grid Tiny Houses

Does going tiny mean going without? Yes! Going without debt. Going without stress. Going without demands that keep you tied to a ‘working-to-survive’ lifestyle. And going without a heavy impact on the environment.

But what it’s not, is going without a home. And a fully functional, extremely comfortable, eco-friendly and totally liveable home at that.

Let us show you how tiny houses benefit anyone on the Sunshine Coast and beyond, no matter what stage of life you are in. By lowering your carbon footprint, tiny houses deliver endless environmental benefits as well as proving to be affordable homes for any Australian.

We are here to help you choose what living space you’d like to see turn from a dream into a reality.

Why Go Tiny?


Living expenses are high in Australia. A tiny home is affordable to build and cheap to run, leaving you with more cash to splash out on the things you love to do. Building small or tiny homes is the best decision you could make in terms of cost.


Not sure if you’re going to be in one place for long – or just don’t want to be? A tiny home is movable, giving you the flexibility you need to change your mind, without having to change your home. Being placed on wheels is the ultimate way to move tiny houses around and as a result, you can pick up and move whenever you need to. Tiny homes are fantastic at giving that extra bit of flexibility that everyone needs in their lives.


From skylights to split system air conditioning, your tiny home will have all the mod cons you need, and can be built to suit just you, you and your partner or even your entire family. The great part of tiny houses is that all details are fully customisable and lower the barrier to entry for home building on the Sunshine Coast and throughout Australia.


A tiny home is low impact, environmentally-conscious living. It uses fewer natural resources, and is less wasteful to run. Adopt our renewable options, and you can be off grid to whatever extent you like. Tiny houses will let you save money on energy consumed when compared to an average sized house due to the size of the home.


Building a tiny home means no Council approval hoops to jump through, and it’s an easier option for building on rural properties which can have a lot of red tape. Building an average-sized house equals a lot of potential stress regarding the Council and other building requirements. Tiny houses bypass this stress and give the chance to focus on what's really important, creating and designing tiny homes to suit your lifestyle.


Seeing your dream tiny home come to life no longer has to be just that, a dream. Off the Grid provides fully customisable tiny houses and fit-outs so that you can choose exactly what your tiny house will look like and still maintain the highest quality finish possible. We want to make your tiny house dreams a reality.



4.8m x 2.4m Tiny Home
Tiny but robust
Your smart home that’s easy to maintain


6m x 2.4m Tiny Home
Perfectly proportioned, solid small home
Big on space, but small on impact


7.2 x 2.4m Tiny Home
A mighty tiny home for living large - sustainably

Why Go Tiny With Off With the Grid?

What happens when a builder, an electrician and an environmental specialist get together with a carton of stubbies? Off With the Grid.

Tim, Josh and Jayden are best friends and tiny home, sustainable living experts. Working with them is like working with friends who just get you. They understand the desire to get out of the ‘working-to-survive’ rat race, and away from massive mortgage debt. And they want to fill the gap for people who lived that life, but are now on the hunt for something sustainable.

Plus, they build damn good tiny homes. The tiny homes are named after man’s best friend because they hope it will be your new best friend, too.

What’s included with our homes?

Your Tiny Home, Your Choice

Tiny houses present so many opportunities and ways to use them. Whatever the reason that you’ve created your tiny house, we are here to help ensure it’s built to function exactly how you need it. Tiny houses no longer are strictly used for homes. People have become creative in the way that they might use the new tiny space they’ve created and there’s now a range of possibilities.

Your tiny home could be:

FAQs about Tiny Homes Queensland

There are many factors that go into deciding what tiny home is the best fit for you and what you need. Size, interior design, functionality and a whole host of other details will determine what tiny house will be best for you.

The good news is that our range of tiny homes are created with you in mind, and so we make sure that all the people we work with are looked after and their needs met.

We definitely can. When you’re creating your dream tiny home, the last thing you want is to be limited by space and materials. That’s why our tiny houses are fully customisable and will still be built and made to the highest quality possible.

Tiny houses are technically considered caravans and as a result, they don’t need council approval. However, the specific regulations will vary from state to state so we’d definitely recommend getting in touch with your local council.

Throughout the Sunshine Coast and Australia, there are maximum dimension regulations to be legally allowed on the road. We always ensure that our tiny homes are built according to the dimension regulations.

Installing solar panels is one of our most popular off-grid features. All of our tiny homes have off-grid and sustainable options available, which include the addition of solar panels.

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