Off Grid and Solar Power

Embracing Renewable Practices

One of the best things about tiny home living is feeling like you’re doing something good for the environment. Your impact is smaller, your waste is less and, when you adopt other sustainability initiatives, you can increase your positive impact on the world.

All of our tiny homes have off grid and sustainable options, from solar panels to composting toilets. We support and encourage you in living a more eco-conscious lifestyle.


Off Grid Options

Solar Power –
Panels and Batteries

Solar is an affordable, green energy source and panels can be mounted on your roof or on the ground, depending on the roof’s size and shape. Batteries have become cheaper and more efficient over the past five years and are an excellent option for storing that solar power for use at night or when the weather is cloudy or stormy.

Solar is also a fantastic alternative when your property is large or rural, instead of laying very expensive cabling from mains power across to your building. And though solar power is our most popular tiny home off-grid feature, but we can also add this to any existing buildings that are already on your property.


Please contact us for the latest pricing on our off grid and solar powered systems.