Tiny Homes

Your new tiny house

The tiny house movement that is sweeping across the Sunshine Coast and the rest of Australia is the reason that we are so passionate about seeing everyone who’s dreamed of living in a tiny house find their perfect tiny house fit. There are so many contributing factors that can cause someone to make the switch to the alternative lifestyle of tiny house living.

Maybe you’re looking for off-grid options or your dream is to achieve financial independence. Maybe the city lifestyle that you’ve grown accustomed to has lost its appeal and all you can think about is being surrounded by nature, living on the road in a tiny house with your family by your side.

Tiny house living to suit every Australian

Building tiny houses is our passion, and whatever the reason, we are completely committed to seeing you make the switch to the highest quality of tiny house living seen on the Sunshine Coast and throughout Australia. With our three unique tiny house options on offer, we are confident that we have got the tiny house solution you need.

Not quite the right fit? No worries, we’ve also got custom tiny homes available as well. We mean it when we say we want all of our customers to walk away feeling excited about their new tiny house lifestyle.

The Terrier Tiny Homes -- 4.8M X 2.4M

The Terrier is the perfect tiny home solution for those of us who are wanderers at heart. For those who love travelling and seeking out adventure wherever their wheels will take them. For those who don’t want to be tied down to a building but would rather move around freely in tiny houses, making their nomadic dreams a reality.

If you read the above and felt that you fit in seamlessly with this group of people, the Terrier tiny house is your answer. Our Terrier tiny houses won’t require you to make any sacrifices to your everyday life but rather, will give you everything you could need to travel the country in comfort with enough space to move around in.

With full toilets and showers, a fully equipped kitchen and a queen-sized loft, the Terrier is all you’ll need to spend your days being able to connect with the beautiful nature that surrounds Australia.

The Kelpie Tiny Houses -- 6M X 2.4M

Our Kelpie tiny houses are built so that they have plenty of space within the tiny house but are designed to have a small environmental impact on the surrounding community and spaces. The Kelpie tiny house has six metres where you can bring your tiny building dreams to life. If you want the option to move around, but are fairly content on the land you are planted, the Kelpie is the tiny house for you.

It is fully moveable, making it a great choice for smaller families who will require a bit more space and functionality than individual travellers. Are you looking to add on a deck or potentially install a tiny garden? Our Kelpie tiny house is your answer as it is highly customisable. If there’s a feature that doesn’t feel 100% right, leave it with us, and we will happily work to create the perfect tiny house for you.

The Dingo Tiny Houses -- 7.2M X 2.4M

Are you looking for a tiny house that gives you all the luxury and comfort of a traditional home, just on a slightly smaller scale? Look no further than our Dingo tiny house. If you’ve got a family and are worried about adjusting to a smaller space, our Dingo tiny house will calm all of your worries. It can be easily customised with anything you and your family could possibly need — from staircases, showers, two or more sleeping areas, surprising amounts of storage space and even a fully equipped kitchen or bathroom.

We know firsthand that just because you want to live in a tiny house, doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice what you love. Our Dingo tiny houses are mighty and are fully prepared to deliver everything you need from a home and more. If you’ve just purchased a block of land in the Sunshine Coast or anywhere in Australia, and don’t want the hassle of getting a building permit or any of the other requirements that can slow a build down, the Dingo tiny home is perfect for you.

Custom tiny homes

We get it — sometimes there may be elements that you’d like to alter to make sure it fits perfectly with your unique lifestyle. That’s why we offer custom tiny home designs, to make sure that we are giving everyone the chance to build the tiny home that they’ve always pictured.

If you’d like to make alterations to one of our current tiny home designs that we have on offer, or if you’d like to create a completely custom tiny home that’s more suitable for your family, let us know. We will happily work alongside you and support you in every step of the planning process to see your dream brought to life, no matter the location.

FAQs about Tiny Homes Queensland

If you have questions, no worries! That’s why we’re here, to talk you through your new tiny home to make sure it’s perfect for you and to make you as comfortable as possible with the tiny home transition.

All of our tiny home designs and builds are created to be within the restrictions specified for being legally allowed to be on the road. Generally, the maximum height is 4.3m, the maximum width is 2.5m and the maximum length is 9m with 10.5m including the drawbar. We will always ensure that our tiny home builds are created to be within the government’s legal regulations.

This will differ from state to state and it’s always a recommendation to check with your local council if you are unsure about the specific rules regarding your tiny home. Typically, as they are classified as caravans, the standard rules for caravans will apply. The general rule is that if someone is living in a tiny home, this is fine so long as it is parked on a property that already has a building attached to it. This situation usually doesn’t require council approval.

If you are seeking to have a tiny home installed to utilise as a primary dwelling, you typically won’t need council approval provided it’s not used for more than 60 days a year and no more than 48 hours at a time.

Should you be wanting to put it on a block of land with the intention of living permanently in the new tiny home, as either a standalone house or as part of many tiny houses, you will have to seek permission from your local council.

Our tiny house designs come in a variety of prices. For our lock-up options, the Terrier is available from $40k, the Kelpie from $45k and the Dingo lock-up from $55k.


For our fit-out options, the Terrier starts at $50k, the Kelpie from $60k and the Dingo at $75k.


Our deluxe options for all of our tiny houses are the fully-decked out and customised tiny house you need to explore the Sunshine Coast and Australia. The Terrier starts from $60k, the Kelpie from $70k and the Dingo Deluxe at $85k.


It’s always good to be aware of what you might be giving up when choosing the tiny house lifestyle but if you’re prepared and aware of the sacrifices you may have to make, it won’t take long for these disadvantages to look like advantages!

Having to live without certain luxuries

It’s almost a guarantee that if you move into a smaller space, there will be some luxuries that you’ll have to forfeit. Maybe it’s that king-sized bed that you can stretch out on, or enough space to have your own private study. Whatever it may be, it’s good to acknowledge that entering the tiny house society may mean saying goodbye to some luxuries.


It’s a well-known expectation that if you’re moving into a smaller space, you’re saying goodbye to lots of storage space. You’ll need to think carefully about everything you currently own and make sure that it’s an absolute necessity before bringing it in to your new home.

Basic living

By downsizing your space, you are making a conscious choice to return to basic living standards. There’s no room for fancy plumbing or toilet access so you’ll have to come to terms with the reality of stripping everything back to the basics.