Custom Tiny Homes

Off With the Grid Custom Tiny Homes

Off With the Grid Custom Tiny Homes

Our custom builds are a fantastic way to design your space and your property just the way you want it. Whether you’re looking to create a rental or AirBNB, have older kids that need some privacy or want someplace to run your home-based business, we can create a custom build that adds functionality, value and beauty to your property without a huge impact on the environment or your bottom line.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to take your big dreams, and turn them into tiny home reality.

Custom Build Process

Customise an Existing Off With the Grid Tiny Home

If you would like to customise one of our Off With the Grid Tiny Homes, such as the Terrier 4.8, the Kelpie 6.0 or the Dingo 7.2, just let us know what you’d like. If it’s possible, we’ll adjust our plans free of charge and give you a formal quote including your new customisations. We’re here to get you exactly what you need to live your best tiny home life.

Create a Custom Off With the Grid Tiny Home

Off With the Grid Custom Tiny Homes

If you’d like substantial changes to our standard tiny homes we can work to together to design a custom Off With the Grid Tiny Home for you. We’ll charge a one-time [$1,000] design fee and put together exactly what you’re looking for. Once the design is finalised, we’ll put together a formal quote to build your new home. That way you can have the tiny home of your dreams on your terms.


The Terrier 4.8

The Kelpie 6.0

The Dingo 7.2