Off With The Grid – Our Story

To quote Bob Dylan, we all know that “Times, they are a changing” and with that in mind we want to give you a little insight into our personal story and just how we made the choice to change things up and start helping Australians get Off With The Grid.

It’s 2020 and the world is being massively impacted by COVID-19, governments are going into turmoil, states are going into lockdown, borders are closing and quite frankly, society is having a bit of a reality check.

Are these big cities a sustainable choice of lifestyle for us? If sh*t hits the fan will we be safe and secure in these overpopulated concrete jungles?

Probably not right?

At least, that’s what we thought and that is why we decided to come together and step into solutions based thinking.

We asked ourselves, ‘How can we help?’

Fast forward to 2021, where we are now and we’ve come up with our own unique solution. You can read more about that and get to know us below.

Our Story

It isn’t every day that three best mates have just the right skills (and passion) to start a tiny home company. But that’s what makes Off With the Grid so special. Rather than being a subsidiary of a large building company – an offshoot created just to grab another portion of the market – Off With the Grid was started by Tim, Josh and Jayden because they believe powerfully in the tiny house movement. (And because Tim did one too many light fitting changeovers)

Instead of changing light fittings and popping in extra outlets, Tim, an electrician by trade, found that the jobs he really enjoyed doing were the off grid projects. The people, the challenge and knowing that this work was making a positive impact on the world generally felt pretty awesome. He thought, there’s something here.

So, Tim grabbed a carton of stubbies and rang up two of his best mates, Jayden and Josh, a builder and environmentalist respectively. It wasn’t too hard to convince them that this was a fantastic idea. And so, Off With the Grid went from a talk to action.

The tiny home movement is inspiring the imagination and creativity of Australians across the country. We’re energised by the opportunity to own our own homes without soul-crushing (and dream-crushing) debt, and by the chance to embrace sustainable and renewable lifestyle choices. We want to live differently, and this is the way to do it.

At Off With the Grid, our job now is to take your tiny home dreams and turn them into reality. And that’s just what we do.

To get in contact with us and explore your Off Grid or Tiny Home dreams you can call Tim directly on 0437 960 940

We look forward to building a relationship with you.

Tim, Jayden & Josh