Your home – your choice

Every one of our tiny homes can come to you in one of three fitouts from the most basic, to the most decked out. It’s up to you what you want to do, and how you want to do it. We’re just here to help bring your tiny home dreams to life, no matter what they are.

Lock Up

Lock up is when you really just want a roof, four walls and a door you can lock. Whether you choose the Terrier 4.8 or a fully bespoke custom build, or anything in between, your lock up fitout gives you just what you want, and nothing you don’t.


Lock up Inclusions

Fit Out

The Fit Out option is everything you need, but without all the extras. This basic, but beautiful set up, means you can customise your tiny home in your own time and in your own way, but still have something liveable right now.


Fit out Inclusions


The Deluxe is your expertly finished, fully decked out and customised tiny home. This option gives you everything that you need for an ultra-liveable experience you can just walk straight into… and drive away with.


Deluxe Inclusions

Upgrades Available for All Stages

No matter which tiny home you choose, we have optional extras that can make it the ultra-livable home you’re looking for.