5 Benefits Of Getting Off The Grid With Solar Power

Let’s talk about the benefits of solar power and utilising the most valuable energy source known to man – The Sun. In this blog we’ll explore why solar is such a great option to power any home and how exactly you can reap the rewards of installing a solar system and battery storage.

Whether you’re building a tiny home and exploring grid connected or self reliant power options or if you’ve already got a home and want to make the switch towards more self sustaining energy systems, we’re here to help answer your questions.

Solar Panels allow you to become energy independent and battery storage systems work by storing your solar energy for later use. Read on to learn more about why we suggest getting Off The Grid.

1. Better for the environment.

First off let’s start with arguably one of the most valuable reasons to start using solar power. It’s better for the environment and you are able to produce your very own clean, renewable energy. Saving on this front is something that’ll be rewarding for generations to come.

2. Save money by reducing your electricity bills.

Secondly, you’re going to save money and see a reduction (and possibly elimination) of bills that you’ll have to pay to the energy companies. Who wouldn’t want to get rid of energy bills… am I right?

Electricity prices have been on the rise due to a range of reasons such as the increase in wholesale prices of electricity and grid connected infrastructure costs. It’s likely that these costs will continue to rise as more people turn to self sufficient electricity options.

There really is no better time to get off the grid.

3. Secure a rebate.

When you purchase a new solar system in Australia, you may be eligible to receive a solar panel rebate that will help to bring down the cost of your new system. Some rebates can save you as much as $3,700. 

To receive a rebate you need to use Clean Energy Council approved components and have your system installed by an accredited installer. Lucky for you we have an accredited installer on our Team!

4. Low maintenance.

Solar panels are very low maintenance. Once you put your system in, it’s likely that you won’t even need to clean it. The inverter may need replacing after 10-15 years but apart from that, you can feel comfortable knowing your panels are up on the roof, doing their job, providing you and your family with renewable power.

5. Increase the value of your property.

Yep, that’s right. Throwing some solar panels, a system and battery storage onto your home or tiny home is only going to increase the value of your dwelling.

If you want to learn more about solar systems and battery storage you can jump on the phone with our Off Grid Specialist right now and have all your questions answered.

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